Here below you have a whole range of assignments which will have to be carried out during this school year. I hope these activities will help you improve your level of English and, at the same time, enjoy yourself.

In the blog you cannot see any deadline for the assignments, but you are going to be informed about this in class. However, what you can see is which term these assignments belong to.

1st TERM

ASSIGNMENT 1 Mobile_Cloud_Apps-1024x954

This is going to be your first assignment: create your own site, so that all your works can be seen in one click (and I’m afraid, assesssed..). Remember you created one in 2nd year, so you can reuse that one. In case you want to start a new one:

Click here to set up your own site

ASSIGNMENT 2  writing

Take a picture of some of your friends and upload it to your site. Write an email, tell me who is who in the picture and describe them using some of the language you’ve learnt in the Writing Bank on page 15 of your Student’s Book. If you are not really keen on photography, you can use the picture below or any picture you like and pretend you know the people in it.

Before uploading it to your site, print it out and hand it in, so that I can have a look and suggest some improvements. Once I give it back to you, improve it and upload it.




ASSIGNMENT 3  writing

Think of an amazing holiday destination and write a Blog Post like the one below. Don’t forget to use the expressions in the Writing Bank on page 27 and follow the guide:

blog post instructions-3rd


Remember to print your text and hand it in before actually uploading it. I can help you improve your text through some suggestions. Once improved, you can post it.

It would be a good idea to attach a picture of the place you refer to in your text.

ASSIGNMENT 4  speakup

In pairs look at the ‘developing speaking section’ of unit 2 (page 26 in your Student’s Book) and record a conversation at a train station, between a ticket officer and a costumer. In exercise 5 you have a very good guide.

You can upload the conversation using some good applications, like Audioboom, although you will need to create an account. Actually some of you may already be users of Audioboom because of last year’s project. I have tried it out and it works.



2nd TERM

ASSIGNMENT 1 speakup

In a group of 2 or 3, record a conversation about school rules. Use MUST, MUSTN’T, CAN, CAN’T, HAVE TO, DON’T HAVE TO. Explain what rules your school has and give your opinion about them. The conversation should be 3 to 6 minutes long.

Once finished, paste the link of the audio file to your individual blog. Remember you can use Audioboom.

To get some nice ideas about school rules, you can watch the following funny videos: CLASSROOM RULES and THE SCHOOL RULE SONG.


ASSIGNMENT 2  writing

Have you ever thought about studying abroad? Would you like to do it? If so, have a look at the next video, where they give you a list of possibilities:


However, do you know how much it may cost to spend a whole year in a foreign university? A LOT OF MONEY!! Not everyone can afford this, which is the reason why you may have to try and apply for a scholarship (in Catalan: beca).

When applying for a scholarship, there is usually a lot of paperwork to be done, including a formal letter of application, which is the reason why we are going to learn how to write one.

You have a sample letter and some information on paragraphs and language in your Student’s Book, on page 67, but in case you require some more help, you can have a look at the following sample:

application letter

In sum, your assignment is writing a letter of application to get a scholarship to study in a foreign university. In order to help you decide what university you would like to apply for, you can watch a video about the 10 best universities in the world, from an academic point of view


Remember to print the letter before uploading it to your own site. Together we might make some improvements.


ASSIGNMENT 3Invite-Only.jpg

As you have probably found out already, I am awful at being creative, especially when it comes to design. Yet, I am really positive about your great artistic talent, which you are going to exploit creating a storyboard on a conversation in which a teenager invites a friend to a party. Remember to mention details, such as place, time, what to bring and so on.


From my point of view, the best app to make a storyboard is STORYBOARDTHAT. It’s really simple to use and once you’ve finished it, you can download it as a pdf file. In order to have it in my site, I screenshot it, copied and pasted as image.

Remember you’d better print it and hand it in to me so that I can have a look at it before actually uploading it.

Your storyboard must have no less than 6 cells.


3rd TERM

ASSIGNMENT 1 writing

This assignment is directly connected to the ‘Developing Writing’ section in Unit 6 (page 79). You have to write a for-and-against essay based on the following statement: ‘We depend too much on computers today‘.  Remember that in essays we use formal language and a whole range of very useful linkers (look at exercise 4).

Click here for a tutorial on how to write a for-and-against essay

Remember you’d better print it and hand it in to me so that I can have a look before actually uploading it.




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