Dear 4th ESO student

As you may have realised and got happy about, this year you are going to have four English lessons a week, which is going to allow all of us to get a bit more creative. I hope you enjoy doing this.

We are going to work on the project once a week and in groups of 3 or 4 (although each student will have their own individual project).

The most important thing is that you choose a topic that you are really interested in. In fact, it would be great that the topic you choose helped you develop your Projecte de Recerca, since it may save you some time.

Actually, the final outcome of this school project doesn’t really have to be a written work, but you can choose whatever means you prefer: video presentation, performance, oral presentation, concert of self-written songs, etc… It has to be something that makes you feel self-confident and you enjoy doing.

Let me give you an example. A project could consist of keeping track of everything that is being done at school and create a TV programme, a web page or magazine, which, at the end of the school year could be presented to all members of the school community.

However, there are some items that you somehow must include in the project, although depending on your final outcome, they may have different layouts, length and contents. Most of these contents are directly connected to some of the ‘Developing Writing’ Sections in your Student’s Book, but not all of them.

The best way to compile all the work you do is creating a blog for the whole group, where you can create a different category for each member. Thus, you can upload all the assigments, both individual and group ones.

You must notice that some of the assignments have to be carried out individually and some others have to be done in groups. They are as follows :

  • writingAn informal email (120-150 words) replying to a request for information . In order to write this email you previously need to read the email below (you can see the link) and answer it with the information about your project. INDIVIDUAL TASK. UNIT 1


Click here to look up instructions on how to write an informal email.

  • writingAn opinion essay (200-250 words) about any aspect of your project. INDIVIDUAL TASK. UNIT 2

Click here to see a video about ‘writing opinion essays’.

  • speakupAn audio file with an informal conversation, in which all members have to participate. There is a nice way to upload a conversation with a photo through the following app (you’ll have to sign up first): Fotobabble, although you can choose any application you like. This conversation must be between 3 and 6 minutes long. Bear in mind that when you may not upload the file directly to your blog. In order to do this, you may have to create a link from your drive and paste it in your log.   GROUP TASK.
  • writingA story (200-250 words) which has some kind of connection to your project. Remember to use a variety of past tenses, linkers of time and sequence and adjectives and adverbs to make the story more descriptive.                      INDIVIDUAL TASK. UNIT 3
  • writingA formal letter or email of complaint (200-250 words) which has to do with something included in your project. In order to write it correctly, you can either have a look at the writing section of unit 5, or have a look at the following video. INDIVIDUAL TASK. UNIT 5

Click here to watch video

  • art_word.painted.3dwork of art and, in a paragraph or audio file,  explain its meaning and what it has to do with you project (you can make a sculpture, a painting, an art installation, an artistic photo, etc). GROUP TASK


  • writingA for-and-against essay (200-250 words) using expressions for introducing and sequencing arguments, for making contrasts, for expressing consequences, for expressing opinions and for concluding. Look them up in Unit 6 or watch the following video. INDIVIDUAL TASK. UNIT 6

Click here to watch video

  • news inscription in studio tvA video footage forecasting some news connected to your project, which should be between 4 and 7 minutes long. Look at some good examples in the following link. GROUP TASK

cnn student news

  • keep-calm-it-s-only-an-oral-presentationA final 10′ group presentation of the whole work carried out throughout the whole year. To do this presentation you should use some of the material that has been produced by the group (video footage, work of art…) with a brief explanation about the aims of the project and its development. Power point or Prezi may help organize the contents of the presentation. All members of the group must take part in the oral presentation.GROUP TASK


Each group will decide when they want to hand in the different elements from the list above. They will have to hand in a minimum of 2 assignments each term and they are going to be part of ‘Procediments’ with value 2. The whole project will have value 3 in ‘Procediments’.

The deadline for the final project is  May, 16th for 4tA and May, 15th for 4tB

Here below you can see how all these assignments are going to be registered individually.


project evaluation grid


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